Criticality Management Consulting is pleased to announce its new research, executive briefing, and thought leadership series:

The field of Diversity & Inclusion is at an exciting point in its development. The STRATEGY Series explores the inherent relationship between corporate business strategy and diversity management. Most people, including CDOs, understand diversity as having to do with human differences and representations. This is an antiquated definition that overlooks the operational and business dimensions of diversity. Our goal with the series, STRATEGY, is to advise corporate leaders while advancing the application of Diversity & Inclusion strategy as a business tool to achieve corporate mission, vision, and progress.  It’s about advancing the business rather than racial or gender representation.



Prudential 2STRATEGY is a research, executive briefing, and thought leadership series from Criticality Management Consulting. The series combines ongoing white papers, videos, and alerts from Criticality aimed at helping you, more effectively, implement strategic diversity at your organization. The original content is developed by Criticality and includes commentary from expert contributors within the D&I field.


The series is available by subscription and includes the following components, which include monthly downloads with a minimum of 12 content deliveries a year including information from the following list: (Note: not everything listed is delivered monthly.)


  • Video briefings on the state of D&I, including important news developments.Fidelity
  • Content appropriate for the development of CDOs, CHROs, COOs, and CEOs.
  • Multi-faceted commentary on the application of diversity in business operations, strategy, profit expansion, change  anagement, and/or organizational development.
  • An industry specific, category approach to our D&I executive briefings, providing greater relevance for your industry focus.
  • White papers clarifying the application of strategic diversity.
  • Content that can serve as a foundation to train corporate executives about strategic diversity as a tool to advance business.

For an invitation to subscribe to the STRATEGY Series, or for more information, email:






NEW Breakthrough D&I Research

From Dr. John Fitzgerald Gates


Never Before Released Video Series on Achieving Firm-Wide Diversity


What the Most Successful Companies Know About Strategic Diversity

That Yours Doesn’t!







Series Price: $2200 | 4-Part Series

The Series, with one new DVD delivered bi-monthly for one year, covers topics such as Practicing Strategic Diversity Management; C-Suite Leadership, Board Responsibility, ERG and BRG Engagement, The D&I Business Case, and Creating Diversity ROI.   The Series features new research from Dr. Gates and discussions with Diversity executives from 20 national companies and organizations, along with noted D&I thought leaders.


Financial Services Segment: $595 | Financial Segment

In this 26-minute video, Dr. John Fitzgerald Gates delivers another round of breakthrough ideas and insight on the changing landscape of Diversity and Inclusion, with an in-depth focus on the finance sector. Featuring interviews with diversity leaders from Citigroup, Credit Suisse, Fidelity, Prudential, Thomson Reuters, and more, Dr. Gates uncovers the unpublicized challenges, strategies, and approaches these pioneers have taken while advancing Diversity and Inclusion at their firms.

In this presentation you’ll learn:
  • How these leading financial institutions have achieved remarkable breakthroughs in the practice of Diversity and Inclusion.
  • How to understand what’s different about FINANCE, what has happened in the field of Diversity and Inclusion in recent years, and what’s happening now, requiring immediate shifts in the approach adopted by most financial institutions.
  • How to accelerate the practice of Diversity and Inclusion at your firm, using a proprietary five-step process developed by Dr. Gates.

The Strategy Series from Criticality Management Consulting is available exclusively by invitation and subscription. For changes or additions to your subscription please contact us at the address below.

Who should see this research?
  • CDOs and CHROs in financial services
  • C-Suite executives and corporate board members in financial services
  • BRG and ERG members and business sponsors