Through in-depth analyses of the factors that lead to business success or failure, we work with our clients to develop, implement and assess strategies for organizational and leadership development. We guide our clients to define and identify their diversity objectives and set them on the path to leadership success.

shutterstock_10238029Diversity Strategic Planning: we employ our framework of Criticality to transform the diversity planning process. Our focus on organizational self-examination facilitates new conversations, understandings, capacity and business performance.

Executive Coaching: we work with executive leadership and middle management to provide confidential, honest, and impartial one-on-one coaching sessions on diversity management to enhance their on-the-job performance and success.

Human Capital Management: we help our clients to design, implement, and evaluate formal systems to ensure the most effective use of their workforce diversity.

Management Services: we work with our clients to ensure the integrity and efficiency of their diversity operations to fulfill business mission, vision, goals and optimal performance.

shutterstock_47000950Organization Model/Design: we help our clients to examine and improve their diversity effectiveness and design in light of their missions, circumstances, and outcomes to ensure fulfillment of their vision and goals.

Process Redesign: we work with HR leaders and teams to identify, review, redesign, and implement processes to make certain that the organization leverages workforce diversity to achieve its defined outcomes.

LGBT Inclusion:  We identify key issues and leverage points in LGBT human resource and talent diversity support, including operational policies and practices, as part of a holistic diversity strategy.