Diversity and Inclusion Strategy


Effective Diversity and Inclusion strategies and tactics are mission- and job-relevant, skills-specific, and assist team members in understanding current workforce and marketplace realities. Organizations that tie diversity and inclusion to their business strategy increase performance, productivity and customer satisfaction.

Our emphasis is on creating a supportive learning environment utilizing consultation, professional development and team meeting tactics containing skills development that address what employees can do differently to be more successful and get results in their areas of responsibility. We help business units and employees

  • Understand diversity and its role as a critical business and individual success factor.
  • Gain the key competencies for leading a diverse team, being a successful team member and serving multicultural and multilingual customers.
  • Recognize individual frames of reference and filters and understanding their impact on meeting personal and business objectives.
  • Gain skills for working productively and respectfully with all team members and customers and for leveraging the talents, skills and experiences of everyone to  meet individual and organizational goals.


Diversity Talent Management


Diversity talent management is designed to foster and maintain a positive workplace environment. We help our clients develop effective diversity management programs that promote recognition and respect for the individual differences found among a group of employees. The outcome is to encourage employees to be comfortable with diversity in the workplace and develop an appreciation for differences in race, gender, background, sexual orientation or any other factors that may not be shared by everyone working in the same area of the company.

We advance acceptance of differences, while individuals retain their own sense of values and ethics. Rather than being intimidated or prejudiced by differences, employees are encouraged to accept the fact that there are diverse interests, diverse values, and diverse physical and emotional characteristics present within the office environment. Further, the diversity present in the office does not have to hamper productivity or create conflict. Instead, diversity may function as helpful attributes that promote the attainment of the goals and objectives of the department.


Executive Coaching


Executive Diversity Coaching is vital to business success, because business people have seen that skillful coaching dramatically increases the performance of individuals and teams. Once only for remedial situations, now companies invest in executive diversity coaching for their high potential managers and C-Level executives, investing where the ROI will be greatest.

Criticality Management Consulting provides in-depth, one-on-one and group diversity coaching to help guide executives and teams to work most effectively with others, to solve leadership challenges, and to build team cohesion. We employ our applied method of Criticality to address both cognitive learning and behavioral change. We coach executives to successfully

  • Transition to the next level of leadership and accomplishment, as evidenced by achievement of specific, measurable goals
  • Transfer Business Wisdom: Powerful distinctions of leadership and communication which cause a future unbound by the past
  • Identify weak or missing skills necessary to success
  •  Use current challenges and opportunities as openings for coaching and learning – and professional breakthroughs


Change Management

Our approach to change management is known as Criticality: a knowledge-based process of critical inquiry – asking questions and finding solutions. We pioneered our applied method of Criticality based on a decade-long effort to address a problem of enacting enterprise-wide diversity strategy. Criticality approaches diversity strategy through a process of integrated segmentation, which recognizes that organizations today are so complex that there is no “one-size-fits-all” way to achieve optimal change. Indeed, senior managers and administrative staff think differently about and have different responsibilities in carrying out organizational efforts. Criticality focuses on the thought processes and behavioral patterns that lead to profound changes in organizational understanding and behavior.

We help our clients create sustainable change by addressing the ways people think about their work in relation to broader organizational missions and goals. Our approach creates a powerful, positive dynamic that is underpinned by a rethinking of accepted organizational truths, behaviors and results that give the work context and long-term value.